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Royal College of Art (RCA)                                                                           Sept. 2021-Jul. 2023

Master of Art in Fine Art, Sculpture

Zurich University of the Arts (ZUA)                                                              June 2022-Jul. 2022

PHD Summer School, Commoning Curatorial and Artistic Education

School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)                                               Sept. 2018-Jul. 2021

Bachelor of Fine Art in Fine art, Sculpture

China Academy of Art (CAA)                                                                      Sept. 2015-Mar. 2018

Bachelor of Fine Art in Sculpture and Public Space (transferred)



2024 Gilbert Bayes Award by the Royal Society of Sculptors

2023 British Council’s Connections Through Culture Grant Programme 

2023 The CoLab/RCA/YSP Graduate Award and Residency/ Top 2 with Bonus of British Pounds 600

2022 UCCA Lab New Emerging Artists Program 2022/ Top 10 with Bonus of RMB 5000

2022 New Contemporaries 2022 Shortlist

2020 Art Nova 100       

2019 OX-BOW Scholarship 2019 Summer/ Top X with Bonus of Dollar 800

2018-2021 SAIC Distinguished Scholarship/ Top X with Bonus of Dollar 15800

2017  The Public Sculpture Creation Camp/ First Prize in China (Hui’an) International Sculpture Art Exhibition      

2016  Academic Award in Countryside Practice    

2015 CAA Freshmen Scholarship/ Top X with Bonus of RMB 1000                                                                                       


2024 Inner Flow, Beijing, China, 798 Art Week

2023 Buffer 2, Guts Gallery, London, The United Kingdom 

2023 Triple Bill, The Colab/RCA/YSP Artist Garden Show, London 安东尼格姆雷来参加我的opening了 然后我没去参加他的

2023 "A New Day, A New Dawn”, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation, London 

2023 Middlesbrough Art Week, Middlesbrough, The United Kingdom

2023 Land Art Festival of Huang Songyu Pinggu Beijing, Beijing, China 

2023 Up in the Air (Beijing Gallery Weekend), Spurs Gallery, Beijing, China

2023 J_a_in, Tang Musume, GuangDong, China

2023 Hung, Drawn &Quartered, Standpoint Gallery (Residency), London, The United Kingdom

2022 Metamorphosis of Rhythm, Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, China

2022 ReA! Art Fair 2022, Via Ruggero Boscovich, Milan, Italy

2022 Muddy Mudlarks, Candid Arts Trust, London, The United Kingdom

2022 EXPO CHICAGO, Navy Pier Festival Hall, Chicago, The United States

2022 It’s All Fun Until, Safehouse 1&2, London, The United Kingdom

2022 We Won’t Stop Showing, SET Woolwich Gallery, London, The United Kingdom

2021 Naturisms, 399 Hornesy Road, London, The United Kingdom                                

2021 Street/Walk&Talk, West Carroll Ave, Chicago, The United State

2020 Art Nova 100 10th Anniversary Exhibition, Guardian Art Center, Beijing, China

2019 Art Bash 2019, Chicago Site Gallery, Chicago, The United States 

2018 Copper Field-T project exhibition, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China

2017 Public Sculpture Creation Camp/ China (Hui’an) International Sculpture Art Exhibition


​​Upcoming:Tate Collective Commission work in Feb 2024

The Art Gorgeous | Rong Bao: Inflating Imagination In The Art World

Living Maps | Walking Home: An Interview with Clare Qualmann and Rong Bao

Knuckle Magazine | Artist Rong Bao

UAAD | Rong Bao: The Sculptor of Rebellion and Reimagined Realities

Made In Bed | Runqiu Peng in Conversation with Multimedia Artist Rong Bao

China Academy of Art Public Space Art Research Institute | Rong Bao


2022-2023​ The Walkative Society Project-Co-Presidents  

2023​ University of the Creative Arts-Visiting Tutor

2023​ South Thames College-Visiting Tutor 

2022  Nationwide Festival of Creativity-Green Space Dark Skies-Volunteer (Rong Bao is at 3'58")   

2022​ University of Westminster-Visiting Tutor

2019 Design for Non-Human Kinds, Toys for Elephants-Group Leader                   ​

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